World Humanities Coursework

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The Humanities & Fine Arts courses seek to help students understand, analyze, and explore the human condition. Studying Humanities & Fine Arts contributes to personal growth and well-being, as well as to living in, and contributing to various communities. 

To fulfill their distribution requirements, students must complete nine credit hours of coursework representing at least two disciplines in this category. In addition, students must complete nine credit hours of coursework in Social Sciences, and seven credit hours in Natural & Physical Sciences towards their distribution requirements. Distribution requirements comprise 25 hours of the general education curriculum.

Students Learning Outcomes

Successful students shall be able to do the following:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the theories, methods, and concepts used to comprehend and respond to the human condition;
  • recognize, articulate, and explore how various humanists/artists have responded to the human condition;
  • comprehend and evaluate how humanistic/artistic expression contributes to individual and/or socio-cultural understanding, growth, and well-being; and
  • use relevant critical, analytic, creative, speculative and/or reflective methods.

Please see the table below for a list of Humanities & Fine Arts courses that have been approved for inclusion in the general education curriculum.

Humanities & Fine Arts Approved Courses

Course Number       Course TitleCreditsAlso Counts           As          Prerequisite
ART 1010Art Appreciation3U.S. Diversity
ART 1040Cross-Cultural Survey of Art3Global Diversity
ART 2050Survey of Western Art History I3Global Diversity
ART 2060Survey of Western Art History II3Global Diversity
BIOL 3660Introduction to Sustainable Landscape Design3
BLST 2260Black Short Story3U.S. DiversityYES
BLST 2410African American History to 18653U.S. Diversity
BLST 2420African American History: Emancipation to Brown3U.S. Diversity
BLST 2430African America History Since 19543U.S. Diversity
BMCH 1100Ethics of Scientific Research3
CFAM 1000Special Topics in the Arts3
CIST 3110Information Technology Ethics3
ENGL 1010Introduction to Genre Studies: Prose3YES
ENGL 1020Introduction to Genre Studies: Poetry, Drama and Film3YES
ENGL 1200Autobiographical Reading and Writing3
ENGL 2110Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction Writing3YES
ENGL 2230Ethnic Literature3U.S. DiversityYES
ENGL 2250The Short Story3YES
ENGL 2260Black Short Story3U.S. DiversityYES
ENGL 2310Introduction to British Literature I3YES
ENGL 2320Introduction to British Literature II3YES
ENGL 2450American Literature I3YES
ENGL 2460American Literature II3YES
ENGL 2470Survey of Native American Literature3Global DiversityYES
ENGL 2490Latino/a Literature3U.S. DiversityYES
ENGL 2500Literature of Western Civilization: The Ancient World3YES
ENGL 2510Literature of Western Civilization: Middles Ages to Enlightenment3Global DiversityYES
ENGL 3130American Nonfiction3YES
ENGL 3150Form and Style in Creative Nonfiction3YES
ENVN 2000Landscape Appreciation and Environmental Sustainability3
ENVN 3660Introduction to Sustainable Landscape Design3
FLNG 1990Introduction to World Cinema3Global Diversity
FREN 1110Elementary French I5Global Diversity
GERM 1110Elementary German I5Global Diversity
HIST 1000World Civilizations I3Global Diversity
HIST 1010World Civilizations II3Global Diversity
HIST 1110American History to 18653U.S. Diversity
HIST 1120American History since 18653U.S. Diversity
HIST 2040African American History to 18653U.S. Diversity
HIST 2050African-American History: Emancipation to Brown3U.S. Diversity
HIST 2060African American History Since 19543U.S. Diversity
HIST 2510Ancient Greece: Bronze Age to Classical Eras3Global Diversity
HONR 3020Honors Colloquium - Humanities3YES
HUMN 1110Perspectives on USAmerican Culture6U.S. DiversityYES
HUMN 1200Autobiographical Reading and Writing3
JAPN 1110Elementary Japanese I5Global Diversity
JMC 1050Film History and Appreciation3
JMC 3700Introduction to Visual Communication and Culture3
LLS 1020Introduction to Chicano-Latino Studies: Humanities3U.S. Diversity
LLS 2800Special Topics in Latino/Latin American Studies3Global Diversity
MUS 1050Music of the People: The Beatles3
MUS 1070Music of the People: Rock and Pop3U.S. Diversity
MUS 1080Music of the People: The World3Global Diversity
MUS 1090Music Appreciation3
MUS 1100Music of the People: Jazz3U.S. Diversity
MUS 2700University Chorus1
MUS 2760University Concert Band1
NAMS 1100Intro to Native American Studies3U.S. Diversity
PHIL 1010Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 1020Contemporary Moral Problems3
PHIL 1210Critical Reasoning3
PHIL 2030Introduction to Ethics3
PHIL 2040Introduction to East Asian Philosophy3Global Diversity
PSCI 2310Introduction to Political Theory3
RELI 1010Introduction to World Religions3Global Diversity
RELI 2150Hebrew Scriptures3Global Diversity
RUSS 1110Elementary Russian I5Global Diversity
SPAN 1110Elementary Spanish I5Global Diversity
THEA 1010Introduction to Theatre3
THEA 1050Film History and Appreciation3
THEA 1090Oral Interpretation of Literature3
THEA 1210Voice of the Actor3
THEA 2310Acting I3
WGST 2020Introduction to Women's Studies: The Humanities3U.S. DiversityYES
WRWS 1500Introduction to Creative Writing3YES
WRWS 2400Foundations of Screenwriting3YES
WRWS 3500Creative Writing for the Arts3YES

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