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Improving School Education System Essay

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America is a blessed country in numerous ways, and its citizens reap the benefits. Free education is one major benefit that not many other countries provide for their citizens. While it is only a privilege to many, but in the States, people have the right to be educated. However, free education cannot be translated to success for all. For those motivated ones who cherish the privilege to be educated are those who climb up the success ladders later in life. For a certain majority of students in the States, our current educational system may not seem to serve its purpose. In this paper, I will explore two possible adjustments that could be made to improve our system to benefit our next generation. Academic improvement and class size…show more content…

Techniques and skills need to be learnt, and cannot be replaced by the convenience of technology. In the primary years, students ought to be grounded with the basics. Once they miss this window, it requires them more to be trained later in life. I marvel at the speed of our technology advancement, but how I desire to see academic advancement in our next generation.
Kindergarten teachers always earn my greatest respect. In California, the class size has increased to 22 students for kindergarten to third grade. One teacher versus 22 students, coming from different background and educational level, really is a big challenge for another to take. Given that some students have gone through preschool and some who have never had any group experience prior to entering kindergarten, that creates a gigantic tap among the kids in one class. The first couple months into the school year, teachers would spend the majority of time establishing structure, routine, and disciplines. Without these being taken place in the beginning of the year, teaching is almost an impossible task to accomplish. The class size needs to be limited to maximize the discipline and the learning, or another option is to have a teacher’s aid in the class to assist the lead teacher. Reduction of class size benefits both the teachers and the students. With a small size, teachers can better control their classrooms, and thus, able to allocate

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Going to school and getting a great education is important for a successful future in today’s world. Years ago, many children did not go to school and many young adults opted to work instead of attending college. In today’s society, gaining a high level of education is almost always mandatory for many jobs. There are many changes being done to the education system along with new items and ways of teaching in the classroom. There is a growing amount of changes in the classroom such as technology, teaching time, teaching styles, and freedom of space. Should the school year be is a topic that has been under discussion for many years. Many believe that the school year is just fine while others may argue that it should be extended. Getting an…show more content…

Technology has become something we now depend on. It is also growing within the classroom with the wide variety of educational games and sites that it provides. Many teachers are finding it to be a great tool with helping kids learn. Computers are being heavily integrated into the classrooms for the children to use. Classrooms used to only contain one or two computers, while now there is sometimes one for every student. Teachers have different perspectives about the use of technology in the classroom, most of them being positive feedback. In “Integrating Digital Video Technology in the Classroom” Jon Lim, Heidi Henschel Pellett, and Tracy Pellett discuss the different ways in which incorporating digital video technology can be useful within the classroom. The authors found that making programs available to students could potentially improve a students learning. These programs are very easy to use and have become more affordable. The authors believe that, “Digital video technology, in particular, is a strong tool . . . variety of skills, including research, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and other higher order critical thinking skills”(40). The authors argue that digital technology brings new and sophisticated ways to learning. The authors argue that digital technology can help improve a student’s critical thinking skills as well as problem solving. The authors found that the programs are

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