Research Paper On Service Delivery

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The main objective of this paper is to gravely evaluate various service delivery improvement models and identify hypothesis from the models to analyze whether these models are significant to hotel industry or not, based on the critical examination of literature review. The paper critically scrutinizes six factors of service delivery which is widely used in hotel industry through a detailed literature review. And also through critical review it analyzes various models under each factor from different authors to identify hypothetical approach of these models significance in hotel industry. The review of various service delivery models under each factor revealed that these models play an important role in improving service delivery in hotel industry. In addition this paper provides a new gate way for the upcoming researchers. Due to the time limit the reviewed models under each factor has restricted to a certain number. This can be a suggestion for expand this study by including present and upcoming models for future research and also it provides new direction to service delivery improvement researchers. This paper discovers new direction in service delivery improvement research and offers theoretical and practical aid to researchers and practitioners in providing a direction for service delivery improvement.

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