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Glory, a word used to dignify or praise. If you look glory up in

the dictionary you will find it described as great honor, praise, or

distinction. It goes on to praise worthy asset, it is adoration. I myself

think that the dictionary's definition that says " a height of achievement,

enjoyment or prosperity" would best suit the title of the movie. I believe

that the word glory was chosen for this film because what these men

went out to fight for was glory. They were fighting old battles which

they held within themselves for the past, they wanted dignity, and they

wanted the north to win, they also wanted to just fight. They found

fighting much more of a privilege and looked past what most people

would find containing violence, pain, agony, or plain stupid. The war

wasn't just that to most soldiers, but what the men of the 54th regiment

were fighting for goes way beyond that. They were fighting for, and

trying to achieve dignity. Their fighting was an impression and was to

stand up against the people who wouldn't give black people a chance,

not even to die for their own country. I believe that this movie was titled

glory because they fought for, and in my opinion achieved glory.

Lincoln wanted to do better things for the union, he himself

actually said that if he could save the union without freeing any slaves

that he would, so his best interests were in the Union not the slave

situation. I believe that the effort that the men of the 54th Regiment

changed his views. I mean when the turn out was so great it was

surprising. When after told the conditions by being captured by the

opposing side, they still stayed! And even when their pay was to be

exceptionally lower then that of the white troops, they tore up the checks

and they went to the extent of going without pay. Even the white

commanding officers chose to go along with them which I think was

unity within their regiment.

I believe that the Regiment worked especially hard with every

task, no matter how trivial. They had no trouble at all, and when they

did, by a solider who appeared to leaving was simply trying to get shoes

to help him better himself in being a solider. This was an event which

led to a much higher one, the realization that the 54th regiment worked

much harder then the rest, and needed to be treated with more respect

and to be given the necessities that they deserved. To many people and

especially white soilders they were simply a joke, but they proved them


I think that the leading white commander, who seemed to appear

skeptical of the whole idea at first, changed throughout the progression

of the troops. He like most soldiers again thought that they would never

get to fight and would just be considered a joke. Once he saw the

realization of how serious they were his views changed. He also kind of

babied them at first with the thought that they would not get to fight. I

think he disapproved of the normal harsh treating that any white solider

would receive. I think that the commanders friend also changed. He

was an intelligent man who took things to heart. He was very serious

and he was disciplined. To the others he appeared to want to be white.

They were stereo typical and were despicable to him. He was brought

up to have a vast education and on the thought that his studies were

most important. He was very willing to do new things and to have new

experiences. When he arrived at the sight he realized how rough it was.

He had to hurt people and that concept was difficult for him. He

changed by becoming more courageous and experienced being a brave


The Regiment achieved glory with certain events. First when they

all tore up their paychecks, and even the white commander did also.

They would not accept less for more, if that was the case then they

would go for none. Another event was when the commander demanded

shoes for his men. At first when they blew him off he kind of accepted

that, but when he realized how much they really needed them he took it

upon himself as their commander to do what it takes to get them shoes,

and along with it pride for themselves and for their commander. Lastly

when he let his men lead the attack at Fort Wagner. This showed how

good they really were under these poor conditions.

During the Civil War when the 54th Regiment was to lead the

attack at Fort Wagner it was a slap in the face to all of those who denied

them of anything they deserved and those of whom thought it was

simply a joke. They went above and beyond the call of duty that they

were asked to do, even to people told and to people who viewed the

movie it would give them pride and to teach them a lesson. The 54th

Regiment taught people about pride, unity, and hard work. They

showed people that they truly cared and were out to achieve what they

were after even if it did cost them their lives.

The fighting conditions were awful, and gruesome. Once they

shot they had to automatically reload, taking agonizing time, resulting in

more reloading then actual shooting. Once they ran out of ammunition

the would have to use bayonets to literally stab their opponent. This

combat was really combat, they were no bombs, or nuclear weapons.

This was hand to hand combat resulting in many deaths and countless

amputations. This was so horrible that simple accounts of these

incidents were enough to make someone's stomach turn. These injuries

that today would be considered not fatal were deadly back then. They

had no medicines, or anesthesia for pain. Being shot anywhere but the

arms or legs was basically a result of death. Being shot in the arm or leg

resulted in amputation.

I think that the movie was genuine in capturing the events, the

dramas, and the emotional experiences during this war. I think that all

of the characters in this movie had worked hard and did their best. The

conditions they were under didn't really phase them. I can say that I

identified with them, they realized how they were treated yet they

fought back in a positive way more so then I can say I would if I were in

their shoes. When watching this movie I can say I felt mad when the

regiment was treated unfairly or even frustrated. During the fighting and

when they died I felt bad and realized that they probably knew their

future the whole time. I think that what they did, experienced and

strived for was glory.

Movie Review of Glory

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Movie Review of Glory

The movie “Glory” tells the history and the story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. It became the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War. The Regiment was made up of black soldiers – some were Northern freemen, some were escaped slaves. The leader was General Robert Gould Shaw, the son of Boston abolitionists. The men of the 54th Regiment proved themselves worthy of the freedom for which they fighting, and the respect of their fellow white soldiers.

“Glory” is told mainly through the eyes of Shaw, played by Matthew Broderick. At the beginning of the movie, Shaw is fighting in a battle, and manages to survive, despite heavy Union losses. He is horrified with the violence of the war, and returns home to recover from his wounds. Shaw is recruited to lead the newly formed black regiment. Although he has grown up and still retained his abolitionist opinions, he still has doubts about the capability of black troops.

The 54th Infantry was comprised of a very diverse group of men. An older gentleman, John Rawlins (played by Morgan Freeman), is the fatherly-type man of the group. He watches out for the others. Another man, Trip (Denzel Washington), is an escaped slave. Trip is a very vindictive young man – he is disrespectful, even to his own comrades. Another character, Thomas, also referred to as “Snowflake”, is a well-educated, free black man. At one point, Tripp calls Thomas a “nigger”, in response to Thomas’ quiet, respectful and educated demeanor. Meanwhile, Rawlins replied to him, “don’t forget where you came from, boy, because if you can call him a nigger, then you must be one too.”

During the civil war, white soldiers were paid wages of thirteen dollars per hour. When it came time to pay the black soldiers, they received a wage of only ten dollars. The men realize this is because of their skin color, and wonder if they should quit the regiment and return home. They want to know why they should be paid less money for the same work. After all, the blacks “march as far, bleed as much, and die as soon”, they argue. They decide to rip up their checks, in protest, but still stay to fight for the Union forces.

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In response to seeing his men’s commitment to the cause, Shaw tears up his check, as does his second in command, Cabot Forbes (Cary Elwes).

Another important time in the movie is when the men need new shoes. They have completely worn-out their old shoes, and their feet are in a ghastly, disastrous state. Shaw asks his commander-in-chief for a shipment of shoes, but is told repeatedly that rations are in effect for all war supplies, and that Shaw’s regiment was not a priority. After continual delays, Shaw becomes enraged, and threatens to report the man to the war department, for his treatment of the troops, and his own personal conduct in war affairs. Following Shaw’s impressive insistence, the commander finally orders the shipment of shoes.

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