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Introduction Social- Cognitive theory believes that humans are individuals who are capable of proactively making things happen to assist in their own development (Parajes, 2002). In Good Will Hunting, Will Hunting did not believe that he was able to make a positive change in his life. Will is a prodigy, particularly in mathematics, who did not recognize his gift. He was born and raised in the slums, where he is now comfortable. He was abandoned by his parents and in and out of numerous foster homes. He experienced abuse and neglect in these homes. He was not only physically abused but also mentally and psychologically. His ability to solve complicated mathematical equations caught the eye of a professor at the university where Will…show more content…

Will sees himself as a “southie”, a loser. To maintain congruence between his self-view and his experiences his acts out. He starts fights and stays in trouble. He doesn't seek anything better for himself.
In Rogers' theory an individual strives for self-actualization. Will is brilliant and has knowledge about many topics. He reads a lot to keep himself knowledgeable. He answers difficult math problems that are put on a board at MIT, where he works as a janitor. In trying to maintain congruence between his self-view and his experiences he does not trust anyone. When someone tries to get close and help him he denies needing help.
Will is defensive towards everyone he comes in contact with. He experiences incongruence with his cockiness of being smarter than most but he doesn't feel he deserves better than living as a nobody.
Will's ability to push all his therapists and his girlfriend away shows his defensiveness. He keeps this tough boy attitude to make others not want to care about him because no one ever has. Rogers' pathology includes defensive maintenance of self (Pervin et al., 2005).
Will's therapist was concerned about Will and took an “active role in understanding the experiences of the client” (Pervin et al, p. 198, 2005). This therapy is called Client-Centered Therapy. The therapist doesn't try to change Will but accepts him as he is. Will eventually changes by embracing his new found relationship with his girlfriend and realizes his potential.

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Good will hunting is a drama film that is popularized in America. The writer of the film is Damon and Affleck and was directed by the highly renowned director in American films Gus Van Sant. The main character of the film was portrayed by Matt Damon as Will Hunting. It is a very interesting film that is commonly watch by the American people since the lesson behind each characters depict realistic situation that even ordinary people are experiencing. In this film, the character played by Matt Damon is obviously seen to be suffering from psychological disorder that is evident with his actions and words uttered in the film.

The Psychological Disorders of Good Will Hunting

Traumatic and Stress Disorder
This condition is evident by the actions shown by Will Hunting after he was being abuse by the people in his foster house when he was still young. Due to the continuous abusiveness and by his family he acquired an avoidant personality wherein his fear to face other people is developed. With his traumatic experience he learned how to fight and be defensive in all the abusive things that he is encountering during his older years.

With the entire violent act that he received, no one in his foster family shows sympathy and concern to him that enables him to acquire traumatic disorder that is evident even if he is already old. The traumatic experience that he acquired changed his personality as he grew into a mature young man in the movie.

Mood Disorder and Inferiority Complex

Will hunting also acquires mood disorder that is evident in the movie when he is doing a defensive action even if there is nothing to worry about as experienced with his mood changes over trivial events. The anger that is brought by violence and abusiveness of the people that surrounds him occurs even if he is not being forced to do it. Apart from it, it also depicts inferiority complex since during his childhood age he was being abuse by other people even if it is not the right thing to do. A scene in the film will testify that this is acquired by Matt Damon when he was able to express his own anger and violence to other people.

Good will hunting psychological disorder depicted in the story really shows that human influence as well as their behavior can also be the cause of psychological disorders. Any type of disorder can have greater chance to ruin your life especially if the effects of the abusive and violent act are not yet removed even if years had already passed.

With the psychological disorder in the film, people can already figure out that these can be acquired by the improper treatment and care of the people behind you. In the case of Will Hunting, he eventually acquired this psychological disorder during his childhood age and was not been treated immediately since his foster family doesn’t care for him.

If there are instances that you already see signs of psychological disorder, don’t wait anymore up to the time it will become severe and serious, you need to make sure that you are going to seek an immediate treatment to a psychologist in order to prevent it. Psychological disorder portrayed in the film shows realistic experiences suffered by the people who are of the same condition.

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