King Lear Essay Topics Relating To The Home

King Lear Essay Topics: A New Look At The Classics

King Lear is a play written by Shakespeare. Some claim it may be one of his best works over Hamlet (another play he wrote before King Lear). A variety of essay topics have been written by students over the years providing more insight on the play. As a classic play there is plenty of action, mystery and tragedy. A number of essay assignments explore character roles, reasons why Shakespeare decided to write this play, and more. Since there are aspects in the play that make people wonder about the plot, setting and outcome, a number of essay topics continue to be explored to help others understand the significance of this work.

Exploring What King Lear is about and What People Should Learn

The story of King Lear may be overshadowed with tragedy. There are essay papers that explore reasons why the writer of the play explored this concept and what they wanted people to understand. The play seems kind of strange at one point with members of King Lear’s family dying throughout. In the end it is challenging to determine an area of focus. Some readers of the play at the end felt sad because King Lear seemed to be the reason why everything in the kingdom fell apart. Other thought the aspect of family and being appreciative of them was the overall focus.

Essay Topics Exploring Characters and Their Role in the Story

There are a number of characters throughout the play that have a unique element. King Lear is the main character who at the beginning is determining who will get what in the kingdom after he dies. It seems the King’s family including, a wife and children, have different views on who is entitled to certain things even though the King wanted to separate things evenly among them. There are political aspects some essay assignments may focus on that offer more perspective and meaning to the story and its characters.

Topic Ideas Involving What You Would Change

A few ideas students have written essay papers about regarding King Lear include elements of change. Even though the play is an extraordinary piece of writing, people likely have explored what they would change. Some say they would not have all the family members die. Others feel the way the family members died could be changed. But you also have the element of wondering what would have happened if they stayed alive amongst the conflict?

King Lear - Power Corrupts Essay

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Power is the ability to manipulate and control whatever one desires; to do what one pleases to do without answering to authority. The power that corrupts the characters plays an extensive role throughout Shakespeare’s play, King Lear. Goneril and Regan are corrupted by the power that Lear offers them. Edmund’s corruption comes from the trust of his father. Absolute power corrupts absolutely with the characters, because once have full control, they are so cold that they will do anything to keep the power – or to gain more. The quest for power corrupts, but when absolute power is attained, treachery and deceit is the only path to take.

The power that Lear gives to Goneril and Regan makes them treacherous and deceitful. Lear offers his…show more content…

Regan is no better, when Lear comes to her door looking for a place to stay, “the old man and’s people cannot me well bestowed.” (2, 4, 330-331) That if Lear wants to stay then he has to give up his followers. The power corrupts them into treacherous beings, where respect and honor for their father are less important than their own well-being.

The power that makes Edmund corrupt is trust. He uses the trust to manipulate and control his father for the benefit of himself. He frames his brother by composing a false letter to his father implicating a plot to kill Gloucester, that when “our father would sleep till I waked him, you should enjoy half his revenue forever.” (1, 2, 55-56) Gloucester replies with “this villain of mine comes under the prediction of mine: there’s son against father” (1, 2, 112-117) This shows that Gloucester had great faith and trust in his son Edgar. To better his plan he goes to Edgar and convinces him to run away. The thought that he would frame his own brother for the chance to gain power shows his corruption, and that he will do anything to have more power. Edmund writes another letter, except this implicates his father in a plot with France to kill The Duke of Cornwall. He does this so that “the younger rises [and] the old doth fall” (3, 4, 25) and he will become the Earl. Edmund is so corrupted and blinded by his quest for power that he is willing to jeopardize his father’s

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